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Aluminum selection of doors and Windows.


In our daily life, I believe there are many friends that: cheap no good goods, so the price must be a good thing, work with enough material must be a good thing, correspondingly, the thicker the aluminum used in doors and Windows, the better the quality of doors and Windows, when selecting doors and Windows, the thick is a good door and window. So, is that right?

Under normal circumstances, the wall thickness of aluminum profiles should not be less than 1.2mm, and the regular wall thickness is generally 1.4mm and above. However, under the consideration of product safety, performance and environmental performance, the quality of aluminum alloy doors and Windows also needs to be comprehensively compared from the aspects of aluminum profiles, hollow tempered glass, hardware accessories, process design and auxiliary accessories.

1. Aluminum profile

Aluminum profiles can be divided into primary aluminum and secondary aluminum, both of which can be distinguished from the appearance, the primary aluminum profile is generally full in color, the section is clean, and the secondary aluminum is generally relatively dull in surface color.

Similarly, inferior aluminum is rough in workmanship, there are many flaws in the corners, and the aluminum used in good aluminum doors and Windows has a smooth and glossy surface, no aluminum chips, burrs, etc., and all aspects meet national standards.

2. Hollow tempered glass

Hollow tempered glass, because of its strong impact resistance, not easy to break, even if broken will be broken in the form of particles without acute Angle, the harm to the human body is greatly reduced. At the same time, it also has good thermal stability and better sound insulation effect.

3. Hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are responsible for the frame of the door and window and fan closely connected parts, without its existence, doors and Windows will only become dead fans, also lost the meaning of doors and Windows. Therefore, hardware accessories are key components that determine the performance of doors and Windows. The quality of hardware accessories such as hinges, handles, locks and pulleys is the core element to ensure the service life of aluminum alloy doors and Windows.

4. Process design

Good aluminum alloy doors and Windows products, fine processing, smooth tangential, accurate Angle, there will be no obvious gaps in the splicing process, good sealing performance, smooth switching. If the processing is not qualified, there are sealing problems, not only air leakage, but also under the action of strong winds and external forces, the glass is prone to burst and fall off. Therefore, the door and window products should be humanely designed, the process of excellence, the tangential flow in the operation process, the Angle is accurate, and the product is qualified before leaving the factory.

5. Door and window accessories

Sealing strip and top are important accessories to ensure the sealing of aluminum alloy doors and Windows. The sealing strip must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, and the section structure size should be matched with the aluminum door profile. The top must have good sealing performance, waterproof performance and dense dust proof.

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