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Broken Bridge Casement Window
  • Broken Bridge Casement WindowBroken Bridge Casement Window
  • Broken Bridge Casement WindowBroken Bridge Casement Window
  • Broken Bridge Casement WindowBroken Bridge Casement Window
  • Broken Bridge Casement WindowBroken Bridge Casement Window
  • Broken Bridge Casement WindowBroken Bridge Casement Window
  • Broken Bridge Casement WindowBroken Bridge Casement Window

Broken Bridge Casement Window

Haoya Aluminum leads the Haoya 110 Series Broken Bridge Casement Window, which stands out for its excellent wind-resistant, waterproof sealing and sound and thermal insulation properties. Made of national standard 6063-T5 titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy material, and advanced electrostatic powder or fluorocarbon spraying process, this series of windows exhibit excellent anti-fading, anti-corrosion and anti-frost properties. The standardized window frame has a national standard wall thickness of 2.0mm and a window frame width of 110mm, which greatly improves the ability to resist wind pressure, deformation and warping.

Model:Yazhi 110 Series

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Product Description

China Haoya Aluminum introduces its 110 series Broken Bridge Casement Windows, meticulously crafted from national standard 6063-T5 titanium magnesium aluminum alloy. Utilizing advanced electrostatic powder or fluorocarbon spraying processes, these windows exhibit exceptional weather resistance, including anti-fading, anti-corrosion, and anti-frost properties. With a standardized profile featuring a 2.0mm wall thickness and a 110mm width, they stand strong against wind pressure, distortion, and warping.

The triple-seal design ensures superlative heat insulation, preservation, and watertight performance, enhancing overall sealing, heat preservation, and insulation capabilities. Automotive-grade anti-collision sealing strips form a triple airtight and watertight cavity, doubling waterproof, drainage, and airtight performance. The three-seal approach includes specialized sealing tape on the fan, isobaric rubber strips, and heat insulation strips on the window frame's water-retaining edge.

Haoya's commitment to quality is evident in the use of high-grade materials, such as double-layer cavity PA66 insulation strips and high-speed rail-grade tempered glass. The windows are filled with argon gas for improved sound insulation and prevention of glass fogging. The hollow aluminum strip integrated bending technology, along with low water vapor transmission rate butyl glue and two-component neutral silicone glue, ensures effective sound insulation and sealing.

Notably, the windows feature an invisible drainage system and safety measures, such as 304 diamond mesh or highly transparent mesh, anti-pry safety gold steel mesh, and optional safety guardrails with child protection. German Taikhui hardware handles, heavy-duty hinges, and advanced locking systems underline the focus on product details and security. The Yazhi Series 110 Broken Bridge Casement Windows offer diverse opening styles, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With over 18 years of industry expertise, Haoya Aluminum's dedication to innovation is underscored by more than 160 patented technologies, numerous awards, and Ping An Insurance coverage. Their robust production capabilities ensure the creation of doors and windows that not only elevate living spaces but also reflect a commitment to excellence. Choose Haoya Aluminum for a blend of quality, innovation, and luxury in every window solution.

Haoya Aluminum Broken Bridge Casement Window Features:

Minimalist design: in-line insulation chamber design, heat and sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection.

Sturdy structure: super national standard profiles, super wind pressure resistance, resistance to distortion

Premium Configuration: Optional Dual Chamber Triple Glazing 5+6A+5+6A+5    

Haoya Aluminum Broken Bridge Casement Window Attributes:

Opening and closing method: external flush opening

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm

Single size: W613*H1165

Maximum size: W900*H2800

Standard glass: 5+20A+5

Standard hardware: Germany TAIKHUI hardware system

Standard mesh: stainless steel SUS304 multi-mesh anti-prying safety gold steel mesh 0.5mm

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