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2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors
  • 2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors
  • 2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors

2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors

Elevate your living spaces with Haoya Aluminum 50*110*2.0 high quality 2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors Typhoon resistant, watertight a perfect fusion of elegance, durability, and advanced technology. Crafted with precision and featuring a host of innovative features, these doors are designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Model:50 Series

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Product Description

Elevate your living spaces with the exquisite Haoya Aluminum 2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors, featuring cutting-edge design and superior performance. Crafted with precision from 6063 aerospace-grade aluminum, these doors redefine durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors Description:

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum:

·Utilizing 6063 raw aluminum with a 2.0mm thickness ensures exceptional corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation properties.

·With frame widths of 130mm for two tracks and 178mm for three tracks, the structure remains stable even under external stresses like building wind pressure.

High-Quality Glass:

·Incorporating advanced "3C" hollow aluminum strips with toughened glass (5+20A+5) enhances sound insulation, light transparency, and impact resistance.

·The molecular structure tightly seals dry agents and insulating gases within the aluminum strips, providing excellent thermal stability.

Innovative Design:

·The narrow visible face of 50mmX110mm and embedded light enterprise structure offer simplicity, elegance, and an expansive view.

·The dual-color design (inside and outside) with a fully broken bridge ensures optimal thermal and sound insulation.

Functional Details:

·The bottom track features a stepped drainage design, providing smooth water drainage and preventing visible water indoors.

·Large stainless steel rollers, equipped with anti-shake blocks and a silent sliding system, ensure effortless and quiet operation.

Security and Durability:

·The one-point touch lock, stainless steel construction, and reinforced hinges guarantee enhanced security and longevity.

·Innovative collision blocks, internally concealed screws, and upgraded impact protection contribute to the door's robustness.

Smart Integration:

·Optional features include insect-proof mesh, dual-color customization, intelligent locks (fingerprint, remote key, password), and upgrade options for lift and slide performance.

Haoya Aluminum Assurance:

·With 18 years of expertise in high-end customized door and window systems, Haoya Aluminum stands out for its innovative designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and a commitment to quality.

·Backed by a 15-year warranty, lifelong maintenance, and comprehensive insurance coverage provided by China Ping An, these patio doors ensure lasting satisfaction and peace of mind.

Experience the perfect blend of sophistication, functionality, and security with the Haoya Aluminum 2-Track Broken Bridge Patio Doors, setting new standards in the world of premium door solutions.

2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors Features:

Minimalist design: medium and narrow frame design, high-end atmosphere

Sturdy structure: solid structure and strong resistance to wind pressure

Advanced configuration: optional lifting, push-pull dual performance, internal and external dual-colour, louvre, high permeability mesh, intelligent locks with fingerprint locks, remote secret key, etc.

2 Tracks Broken Bridge Patio Doors Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Specifications: two-rail, three-rail three-glass, three-rail with yarn

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm

Visible surface size: 110*50

Standard glass: 5+20A+5 insulating glass

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

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