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Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding WindowsTriple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding WindowsTriple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding WindowsTriple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding WindowsTriple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding WindowsTriple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding WindowsTriple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows

Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows

Haoya Aluminum, based in China, sets the benchmark for innovation and durability with its Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows. These windows epitomize excellence in design and functionality, providing a seamless fusion of precision engineering and modern aesthetics. Crafted with high-quality materials and advanced technology, Haoya Aluminum's commitment to delivering superior windows is evident in every detail. Elevate your living spaces with the unmatched performance and elegance of Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows from Haoya Aluminum, a leading name in the industry.

Model:Yue Hao 123

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Product Description

Stand unyielding against typhoon forces and intense storms with Haoya Aluminum's revolutionary Hao Yue123 Series. These Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows, formidable like mountains, are equipped with anti-derailment features that seamlessly secure the window sash to the upper and lower tracks, preventing any dislodgement. The anti-collision buffers effectively absorb the impact forces during window sash opening and closing, ensuring prolonged durability for both the sash and frame. Boasting a highly precise window structure, these windows are not only sturdy but also exhibit exceptional resistance against powerful winds.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, the series adheres to the latest national standards. Constructed from 6063 aviation-grade silicon-titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy, with a standard profile thickness of 2.0mm and a narrow width of 123mm, these windows showcase unmatched resistance against wind pressure and torsional stress. The series offers two specifications – 30 or 60 sashes – providing flexibility to suit diverse architectural needs. The concealed frame design, with a visible face size of 30mm, coupled with hidden locks and ultra-narrow frames, ensures an outstanding 75% ventilation and lighting area, delivering an expansive and unobstructed view.

The embedded frame design features standard insulating glass configurations such as 5+13A+5 or fixed glass 5+15A+5, complemented by a black insulating glass with a logo. The double-layer 3C certified anti-collision toughened glass, branded by Xin Yi, effectively isolates noise, offering a peaceful environment for your family. The safety glass, pressure-resistant and explosion-proof, is securely sealed and quality-assured through rigorous testing.

The one-piece bending technology of the hollow aluminum strip, coupled with low water vapor permeability butyl and two-component neutral silicone rubber, ensures superior sound insulation. The hollow toughened glass aluminum strip is filled with desiccant and inflation gas, providing sound insulation, water resistance, anti-fogging, and mold prevention. The dual-roller design enhances load-bearing capacity, ensuring smooth sliding. The stainless steel strip inlaid craft on the track, with three stainless steel tracks, provides stability against wind and sway, ensuring smooth and quiet opening, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

With a thickness of 3.0 for the lower track, smooth and quiet sliding is guaranteed. The added water-blocking edge enhances waterproofing, preventing backflow. The anti-derailment blocks on the upper and lower sashes ensure a tight fit, preventing sash dislodgment. The drainage structure, with visible, hidden, and floor drain outlets, prevents external leakage even in heavy rain. The multi-layered seal strips effectively reduce airflow in the track, improving overall sealing performance and providing dust, wind, sand, and mosquito protection.

The fixed position is internally and externally pressure-glued, using high-grade sealed EPDM rubber strips. The three-component EPDM high-grade soft and hard co-extruded foam rubber strip, resistant to aging and deformation, improves water and air tightness with internal and external pressure-gluing. The high-grade EPDM rubber strips used in quality doors and windows exhibit excellent aging resistance and resistance to cold and hot shrinkage. In the event of a fire, the EPDM rubber strip burns to a powder, distinguishing it from PVC strips, which shrink after burning.

The 80mm wide minimalist handle design not only meets daily drying needs but also serves as interior decoration. The addition of an indoor handle allows for both viewing and storage, maximizing water tightness. An optional invisible high-transparency screen, anti-mosquito and insect-resistant, ensures clear visibility and excellent lighting. The optional guardrail clothes rack enhances safety and convenience. The side hardware design, with invisible locks, completely hides the hardware, presenting a sleek and minimalist appearance.

The 2-in-1 window sash anti-derailment and anti-collision design ensures lasting durability for both the sash and frame. The anti-fall and anti-drop devices provide additional safety protection. The guardrail can be opened, with the flip guardrail serving as a fixing function when closed, making it difficult for children to open and ensuring easy and safe operation. The standard high-transparency net, with good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The structural safety pressure line can withstand strong wind pressure, with tensile and yield strength five times that of ordinary 50 windows. With 18 years of industry experience, Haoya Aluminum has amassed over 160 patented technologies, including inventions, appearances, utilities, and international patents. With a dedicated team of over 30 researchers, responsible for product development and design, and an impressive array of awards, our products are backed by China Ping An Insurance.

Leveraging robust manufacturing capabilities, Haoya Aluminum brings together a group of system door and window equipment manufacturers. Haoya Aluminum strives to provide consumers with exquisite living solutions, creating homes that exude luxury and refined living.

Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows Features:

Minimalist design: 30 full hidden fan design visual hidden or 60 fan design high-end atmosphere

Structurally robust: anti-detracking and typhoon-resistant design

Premium configuration: optional flip rail and handrail

Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Medium Narrow Sliding Windows Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm, lower rail thickness 3.0mm

Rail: Three rails

Standard glass: glass fan 5+13A+5; solid glass 5+15A+5

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

Standard mesh: stainless steel SUS high-density anti-prying high-transparency 0.5 gold steel mesh

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