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Triple Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding WindowsTriple Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding WindowsTriple Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding WindowsTriple Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding WindowsTriple Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding WindowsTriple Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding WindowsTriple Track Sliding Windows

Triple Track Sliding Windows

Haoya Aluminum Yue Hao 123 series Triple Track Sliding Windows provide unlimited visibility and limitless sound insulation. Experience unmatched quality and innovation – where elegance meets resilience. Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge solutions, crafted to exceed your expectations and set new standards in excellence.

Model:Yue Hao 123 Series

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Product Description

In the dynamic world of architecture and design, Haoya Aluminum takes pride in introducing the Yue Hao123 Series high quality Triple Track Sliding Windows – a testament to both style and strength. These windows are engineered to withstand the toughest elements, from typhoons to raging storms, standing tall like mountains in the face of adversity.

Unmatched Stability: Engineering Excellence for Extreme Conditions

The remarkable Yue Hao123 Series features a robust design that goes beyond the ordinary. With an anti-typhoon upper roller and resistance to extreme winds and heavy rain, these windows are engineered to provide unmatched stability. The anti-derailment feature ensures a secure and tight fit between the window sash and upper/lower tracks, preventing any accidental detachment and enhancing the overall durability.

Precision in Craftsmanship: The Superiority of 6063 Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy

Crafted from 6063 aviation-grade silicon-titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy, these windows boast a standard profile thickness of 2.0mm, setting a new benchmark for strength and resilience. The 123mm width of the profiles, coupled with exceptional resistance to wind pressure and distortion, showcases Haoya Aluminum's commitment to excellence.

Adapting to External Stresses: Ensuring Structural Stability

When facing external stresses such as building wind pressure, these windows effectively protect the structural integrity. The innovative design ensures that the windows maintain stability, resisting deformation even in challenging conditions. This adaptability makes the Yue Hao123 Series an ideal choice for those who prioritize both aesthetics and performance.

Two Variants, One Commitment: 30 or 60 Sashes for Tailored Solutions

Haoya Aluminum understands the need for customization. The Yue Hao123 Series is available in two variants – 30 or 60 sashes – offering flexibility to suit diverse preferences. With a concealed design, the windows provide a visual frame size of 30mm, creating a sleek and minimalist appearance.

Optimal Ventilation and Illumination: A Window to Unobstructed Views

The concealed locking mechanism, coupled with narrow frames, allows for a 75% open area, maximizing ventilation and natural light. The embedded frame design, paired with standard 5+13A+5 or fixed 5+15A+5 insulating glass, ensures effective sound isolation and visual clarity. The addition of a black insulating strip with a logo further enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Safety and Soundproofing: Double Certification for Peace of Mind

The embedded design includes a soundproofing feature with double 3C certified anti-collision toughened glass. The brand integrity of Xinyi glass ensures transparency and durability. The multiple layers of sealing strips minimize air convection in the track, improving overall sealing performance and providing effective protection against dust, wind, and mosquitoes.

Efficient Drainage: Weathering Storms with Confidence

The triple stainless steel track, embedded with a slope for drainage, ensures stability and smooth opening even during heavy rain. The concealed drainage structure prevents water from flowing back, adding an extra layer of protection against water ingress. The embedded design, combined with a hidden slope, offers seamless drainage, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Elegant Design, High Security: Concealed Hardware and Child Safety Features

The concealed hardware design enhances the aesthetic appeal of the windows. The safety features include anti-derailment and anti-fall devices, ensuring the windows remain secure. The optional child protection bar adds an extra layer of safety for families.

Advanced Sealing Technology: Protecting Against the Elements

The sealing technology, utilizing high-grade EPDM rubber strips, ensures a weather-resistant and airtight seal. The EPDM rubber, known for its weather resistance and anti-aging properties, provides enhanced water and air tightness. The advanced sealing technology guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

Experience the Haoya Advantage: Pioneering Excellence in Doors and Windows

With over 18 years of industry expertise, Haoya Aluminum stands as a beacon of innovation in doors and windows. Boasting over 160 patented technologies, a dedicated R&D team, and recognition from numerous awards, Haoya Aluminum remains committed to providing consumers with elegant and resilient solutions for modern living.

Elevate your living space with Haoya Aluminum's Yue Hao123 Series Triple Track Sliding Windows – a harmonious blend of aesthetics, strength, and innovation. Choose excellence, choose Haoya Aluminum.

Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Sliding Windows Features:

Minimalist design: 30 full hidden fan design visual hidden or 60 fan design high-end atmosphere

Structurally robust: anti-detracking and typhoon-resistant design

Premium configuration: optional flip rail and handrail

Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Sliding Windows Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm, lower rail thickness 3.0mm

Rail: Three rails

Standard glass: glass fan 5+13A+5; solid glass 5+15A+5

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

Standard mesh: stainless steel SUS high-density anti-prying high-transparency 0.5 gold steel mesh

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