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Double Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window
  • Double Track Sliding WindowDouble Track Sliding Window

Double Track Sliding Window

Haoya Aluminum Yunji Series 93 Double Track Sliding Window has a double track sliding design, which can withstand super strong storms and is watertight.

Model:Yunji 93 Series

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Product Description

Haoya Aluminum presents the Yunji Series 93 high quality Double Track Sliding Window, designed to withstand storms, resist water leakage, and feature a high-precision window structure for robust durability and exceptional wind pressure resistance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the window incorporates high-quality materials, including the 6063 aviation-grade silicon-titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy. The standard profile boasts a 1.6mm wall thickness and a width of 93mm, ensuring superior resistance to wind pressure, distortion, and warping.

Facing external stresses like building wind pressure, the embedded frame and fan design, along with the double-track lower rail design, prevent water drips and backflow. The comprehensive overlap and siliconized wool strip configuration contribute to effective sealing.

The standard glass configurations include 5+13A+5 for sliding glass and 5+15A+5 for fixed glass, forming an efficient sound insulation zone. The use of double-layer 3C certified anti-collision tempered glass, particularly from the Xinyi brand, guarantees clarity and transparency, isolating noise for a serene environment.

Safety is paramount, with pressure-resistant and explosion-proof glass, firm sealing, and quality assurance. The glass undergoes thorough inspection, ensuring all checked items meet standards. The insulated glass, injected with argon gas, provides superior sound insulation and prevents fogging.

The integrated bending technology of the hollow aluminum strips, low water vapor transmission rate butyl glue, and two-component neutral silicone glue ensure high sealing and effective sound insulation. The hollow tempered glass aluminum strips, filled with desiccant and inert gas, offer sound insulation, waterproofing, fog-proofing, and mildew resistance.

The narrow frame design with a visible surface of 25.5mm for the screen sash enhances transparency, lighting, and dust, wind, and mosquito protection. The high-speed rail-grade EPDM rubber strip and three-element polypropylene high-speed rail-grade soft-hard co-extrusion integrated bending foam strip ensure weather resistance, good elasticity, and resistance to compression deformation.

The isothermal surface design, standard nylon insulation strips, and PA66 high-performance insulation strips contribute to enhanced sound insulation and thermal performance. Crafted with Germany's advanced precision extrusion process, the window exhibits excellent mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures, UV aging, and acid-alkali corrosion.

The flush structure of the indoor frame and sash, along with the crimping design, ensures stability and wind pressure resistance, especially in high-rise buildings. The drainage system with a thick 2.5mm lower rail and drainage holes prevents water leakage and backflow, ensuring smooth drainage.

The double-wheel design avoids derailment, and the protective guardrail can be equipped with an open drying function. The high-quality hardware system includes an automatic lock with a key for convenient and secure operation. The closed guardrail provides fixed protection, and the flip guardrail acts as a secure closure, making it child-resistant and reliable.

With a strong track record of 18 years in the industry, Haoya Aluminum has accumulated over 160 patented technologies and a dedicated R&D team. More than 30 people are responsible for product R&D and design, and the company has received numerous awards and is insured by Ping An Insurance of China.

Benefit from Haoya Aluminum's expertise in creating quality doors and windows, offering a wide view and exquisite living solutions for a beautiful and functional living space.

Haoya Aluminum Double Track Sliding Window Features:

Minimalist design: fully concealed fan design

Rugged construction: recessed frame-wrapped fan design

Premium configuration: with flip guardrail and handrail, optional diamond mesh、

Haoya Aluminum Double Track Sliding Window Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 1.6mm, lower rail thickness 2.5mm

Rail: Two rails

Standard glass: glass fan 5+12A+5; solid glass 5+15A+5

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

Standard mesh: High-permeability mesh

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