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2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors
  • 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors
  • 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors
  • 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors

2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors

Haoya Aluminum2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors have a narrow frame design, showing modernity and simplicity. They have two lower rails, high and low, and stepped drainage on the lower frame for smoother drainage.

Model:50 Series

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Product Description

China Haoya Aluminum introduces the 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors, a perfect blend of elegance and robust engineering. Crafted with precision using 6063 aerospace-grade native aluminum with a 2.0mm thickness, these doors offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Designed to withstand external stresses, they provide effective protection and maintain structural stability, ensuring longevity and a polished appearance.

Haoya Aluminum 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors Description:

High-Grade "3C" Hollow Aluminum Bars Toughened Glass: The doors feature advanced "3C" hollow aluminum bars and toughened glass configurations of 5+20A+5/5+27A+5, equipped with tear-off magnetic control. This combination provides excellent sound insulation, high light transmittance, strong impact resistance, and high thermal stability.

Weather-Resistant and Soundproofing: The use of molecularly compact aluminum bars, filled with desiccant and inert gas, enhances sound insulation, prevents water ingress, fogging, and mold formation. The glass undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets standard specifications, offering soundproofing performance of 40dB and above for a tranquil living space.

Integrated Hollow Aluminum Bar Bending Technology: The one-piece bending technology of the hollow aluminum bars, coupled with low water vapor permeability butyl rubber and dual-component neutral silicone sealant, ensures a large hollow space, high sealing, and effective sound insulation.

Slim Profile with Wide Viewing Area: The narrow visual face of only 50mm x 75mm, coupled with an embedded light enterprise structure, provides a simple yet atmospheric surface. The slim profile enhances transparency, allowing for a broader visual field. The doors also feature an embedded flat frame design for an unobtrusive appearance and an expansive view.

Stainless Steel Sliding Pulleys: The doors come with enlarged stainless steel sliding pulleys, making sliding smoother and more effortless. The upper and lower sliding pulleys, equipped with anti-shake blocks, provide outstanding stability. The upper anti-swing pulley is adjustable, while the lower silent pulley ensures quiet and smooth operation.

Stainless Steel Rail and Buffer Design: The stainless steel rail, with a wear-resistant core, ensures easy sliding, quiet operation, and long-lasting durability. The concave rail design enhances visual aesthetics, and the smooth operation reduces wear on the profiles and door panels.

Anti-Derailment and High-Quality Silent Pulleys: The doors feature anti-derailment pulleys with high-quality silent pulleys, providing strong load-bearing capacity and extended durability. The large load-bearing pulleys (170KG) ensure smooth and silent operation, even after extensive use.

Triple EPDM Seal Strips: The use of triple EPDM seal strips ensures excellent sealing, heat insulation, and resistance to high and low temperatures. The high-grade triple EPDM foam composite seal strip is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and performs well in various weather conditions.

One-Point Stainless Steel Lock and Integrated Handle: The one-point stainless steel lock adopts a single-point touch lock design, automatically locking when the door is closed, ensuring simplicity and convenience. The integrated handle, with a simple European aesthetic design, provides a comfortable and refined touch.

Enhanced Safety Features: The doors are equipped with reinforced sash hooks and reinforcement components, ensuring reasonable force distribution and resistance to typhoons. The anti-collision block has a clean appearance, concealed screws, and excellent visual quality.

Advanced Security Measures: The doors incorporate anti-collision blocks for enhanced protection, preventing impact forces from hitting the door frame and extending the product's lifespan. The advanced locking system offers heightened security, and the anti-fall and anti-slip features provide additional safety.

Customization and Options: The doors can be configured as two tracks, three tracks with triple glazing, or three tracks with a screen. Multiple locking points provide secure closure, and optional electric blinds offer added sound and heat insulation.

Haoya Aluminum's Legacy: With over 18 years of focus on high-end custom-designed doors and windows, Haoya Aluminum has garnered praise from the industry and consumers alike. Boasting a modern production base of 50,000 square meters, a 360-degree quality management system, and innovative aesthetic designs, Haoya Aluminum integrates global high-end door and window resources. All products are insured by China Ping An, and the company holds numerous certifications, design patents, and prestigious honors.

Haoya Aluminum 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors Features:

Minimalist design: Narrow bezel design, modern and minimalistic

Sturdy structure: 1cm flat rail, high and low rails with strong load-bearing capacity; anti-swing wheel + anti-shaking block, double protection

Premium Configuration: Optional 27A Hollow

Haoya Aluminum 2 Track Medium Narrow Patio Doors Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Specifications: two-rail, three-rail three-glass, three-rail with yarn

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm

Viewing surface size: 75*50

Standard glass: 5+20A+5 insulating glass

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

Choose Haoya Aluminum for a refined living experience, where exquisite details, durability, and cutting-edge design come together. With a 15-year warranty and lifelong maintenance commitment, Haoya Aluminum ensures your investment is well-protected.

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