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Triple Track Sliding Glass Door
  • Triple Track Sliding Glass DoorTriple Track Sliding Glass Door
  • Triple Track Sliding Glass DoorTriple Track Sliding Glass Door
  • Triple Track Sliding Glass DoorTriple Track Sliding Glass Door
  • Triple Track Sliding Glass DoorTriple Track Sliding Glass Door

Triple Track Sliding Glass Door

The Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Sliding Glass Door from China is a sophisticated and versatile door system designed to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Crafted with precision and advanced technology, this door offers a seamless and stylish solution for modern living spaces.

Model:40 System

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Product Description

Haoya Aluminum's flagship No. 3 presents a high quality Triple Track Sliding Glass Door, featuring premium 6063-T5 aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation performance. With a robust 2.0mm material thickness, this door is unbreakable and more durable than common materials with a thickness of 1.2mm. The frame comes in two variants: a two-track width of 108mm and a three-track width of 163mm.

The upper rail incorporates a sunken light enterprise structure for wind resistance and prevention of detachment. The 40mm x 65mm light enterprise surface is simple and atmospheric, providing a slender appearance and a more extensive glass area for a clear and transparent view. The door uses certified automotive-grade insulating toughened glass, ensuring high safety, impact resistance, and significant thermal and sound insulation.

The aluminum bar is filled with a desiccant, inert gas, and soundproofing material, ensuring effective sound insulation. The integral bending technology of the hollow aluminum bar, combined with low water vapor transmission rate butyl rubber and two-component neutral silicone rubber, offers large hollow spaces and effective soundproofing. The door leaf has an embedded flat frame design, providing a broader view without being ostentatious.

The door features double-layered silicone weatherstripping for dust, mosquito, and wind resistance, enhancing sealing at critical areas. The sliding system is designed to ensure smooth and stable operation, and the low flat rail design provides an obstacle-free entrance. The optional high and low bottom rails come with a stepped drainage system for smoother water drainage.

The door's aesthetic design, noise reduction features, and advanced materials make it suitable for both external facades and internal spaces. The high-quality sliding system includes large stainless steel pulleys for easy operation and enhanced anti-shake protection. The door is equipped with a silent buffer sliding pulley system for a quiet and smooth experience.

The 30 medium mullions on the door header maintain proportionality, and the multi-point lock ensures firm closure and enhances security. With 18 years of expertise in high-end customized system door and window design, Haoya Aluminum has gained industry acclaim. The company's modern production base, quality management system, and commitment to innovation make it a leader in the industry.

Haoya Aluminum's products, covered by China Ping An insurance, come with a 15-year warranty and lifelong maintenance, providing customers with peace of mind.

Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Sliding Glass Door Features:

Minimalist design: Narrow bezel design, modern and minimalistic

Sturdy structure: 1cm flat rail, high and low rails with strong load-bearing capacity; anti-swing wheel + anti-shaking block, double protection

Premium Configuration: Optional 27A Hollow

Haoya Aluminum Triple Track Sliding Glass Door Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Specifications: two-rail, three-rail three-glass, three-rail with yarn

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm

Viewing surface size: 75*50

Standard glass: 5+20A+5 insulating glass

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

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