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Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen
  • Triple Tracks Patio Door with ScreenTriple Tracks Patio Door with Screen
  • Triple Tracks Patio Door with ScreenTriple Tracks Patio Door with Screen
  • Triple Tracks Patio Door with ScreenTriple Tracks Patio Door with Screen

Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen

Create a harmonious connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces with the Haoya Aluminum high quality Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen. This innovative door design offers a perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and natural ventilation.

Model:50 Series

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Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of door design with Haoya Aluminum's Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen, meticulously crafted to enhance your living environment. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication, where form meets function seamlessly.

Key Highlights:

1. Premium Aluminum Construction:

  - Crafted from 6063 aerospace-grade aluminum with a robust 2.0mm thickness, ensuring outstanding corrosion resistance and durability against external stresses like building wind pressure.

  - The structure maintains stability with high strength, excellent toughness, and a sleek, durable surface that stays radiant over time.

2. Advanced Triple Track System:

  - The innovative triple-track design allows for smooth and independent sliding of three panels, providing versatile control over ventilation and access.

  - Choose to open one, two, or all three panels to suit your preferences and needs.

3. High-Quality Glazing:

  - Incorporates top-tier "3C" insulated aluminum spacer bar with tempered glass options (5+20A+5/5+27A+5), featuring tear-off magnetic control for enhanced soundproofing, high transparency, and strong impact resistance.

  - The molecularly tight structure and dry gas filling contribute to superior sound insulation, preventing water ingress, fogging, and mold.

4. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition:

  - Delight in the broad visual expanse, thanks to a narrow visible face of 50mm x 75m and a streamlined embedded frame design.

  - The door's minimalistic appearance complements a spacious view, creating an open and unobstructed feel.

5. Precision Engineering:

  - Uniform 4cm mid-rail and upper track width, coupled with a 1cm ground-level rail to prevent tripping hazards.

  - Large stainless steel rollers and finely tuned upper and lower pulley systems with anti-sway blocks ensure smooth, quiet, and durable operation.

6. Enhanced Security and Durability:

  - Stainless steel rail, wear-resistant rail core, and anti-derailment roller technology provide durability and longevity.

  - The large-bearing capacity roller (170KG) guarantees stability, and the meticulously designed hardware enhances reliability.

7. Soundproofing and Energy Efficiency:

  - Utilizes triple EPDM sealing strips for excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation.

  - The high-grade EPDM foam composite gasket offers resistance to high and low temperatures, ensuring minimal energy loss.

8. Safety Features:

  - A single-point locking mechanism ensures secure closure, and the one-piece handle combines aesthetics with functionality.

  - The European-style lock design adds an extra layer of security, offering simplicity and convenience.

9. Aesthetic Design and Customization:

  - The European-style design with rounded corners and multi-layer craftsmanship ensures resistance to corrosion and fading.

  - Reinforced hooks and edge enhancement provide structural integrity against strong winds.

10. Comprehensive Protection:

   - The sleek anti-collision block and concealed screws elevate the visual quality, ensuring a clean and polished appearance.

   - Upgraded anti-collision blocks prevent door-frame impact, prolonging the door's lifespan and ensuring safety, especially for children and the elderly.

Haoya Aluminum Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen - A testimony to 18 years of expertise, innovation, and commitment to delivering high-end, customizable door solutions. Elevate your living spaces with a door that transcends expectations. Haoya Aluminum – Where Design Meets Excellence.

Haoya Aluminum Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen Features:

Minimalist design: Narrow bezel design, modern and minimalistic

Sturdy structure: 1cm flat rail, high and low rails with strong load-bearing capacity; anti-swing wheel + anti-shaking block, double protection

Premium Configuration: Optional 27A Hollow

Haoya Aluminum Triple Tracks Patio Door with Screen Attributes:

Opening and closing method: push-pull

Specifications: two-rail, three-rail three-glass, three-rail with yarn

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 2.0mm

Viewing surface size: 75*50

Standard glass: 5+20A+5 insulating glass

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

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