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Heavy Duty Sliding Door
  • Heavy Duty Sliding DoorHeavy Duty Sliding Door
  • Heavy Duty Sliding DoorHeavy Duty Sliding Door

Heavy Duty Sliding Door

Haoya Aluminum New Wind 168 high quality Heavy Duty Sliding Door, the ultra-thick product frame 4.3mm has comprehensively upgraded the door and window profiles, sound insulation, water tightness, air tightness and wind pressure resistance. The outer frame has a double-break bridge design, thermal insulation, intelligent control, and narrow frame design, showing modernity and simplicity.

Model:New Wind 168

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Product Description

Discover the epitome of durability and sophistication with Haoya Aluminum's New Wind 168 series. Crafted from premium 6063-T5 aluminum, renowned for its outstanding corrosion resistance and oxidation performance, this Heavy Duty Sliding Door stands firm against external pressures like architectural wind loads, ensuring structural stability.

Haoya Aluminum Heavy Duty Sliding Door Description:

Robust Construction: With a frame thickness of 4.3mm and a sash thickness of 2.5mm, this sliding door boasts superior strength compared to standard materials. The increased thickness enhances load-bearing capacity, making it exceptionally sturdy and durable.

Narrow Edge Design: The narrow edge design not only adds a touch of elegance but also maximizes the glass area. This ensures a more expansive and transparent view, suitable for residences of various sizes.

High-Security Glass: Utilizing "CCC" automotive-grade insulating toughened glass, the standard configuration includes 5+20A+5 insulating glass or optional configurations. This glass provides high safety levels, strong impact resistance, and remarkable thermal and sound insulation.

Advanced Soundproofing: The aluminum bar is filled with a desiccant and soundproofing materials, ensuring sound insulation performance exceeding 40dB. Enjoy a serene living space with Haoya Aluminum's attention to detail.

Integral Bending Technology: The one-piece bent aluminum bar, combined with low water vapor transmission butyl rubber and two-component neutral silicone rubber, ensures efficient soundproofing and high sealing.

Hidden Drainage System: The concealed drainage structure not only ensures effective water drainage but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. The interior remains free from visible water, thanks to the stainless steel rail and a noise-free sliding experience.

Safety and Security: With lock mechanisms tested for over 100,000 cycles without failure, the sliding door features a large drainage trough in the lower rail, preventing water ingress and enhancing weather resistance.

High-Performance Sealing: The three-level waterproof drainage system, coupled with a linear drainage trough, reinforces the door's ability to handle heavy rain and storm conditions.

Premium Insulation: PA66 nylon heat-insulating strips create a tight equal-pressure chamber, effectively blocking the transfer of cold and heat. The insulating performance is twice that of standard broken bridge designs and over two times that of non-broken bridge structures.

Enhanced Safety Features: The sliding door incorporates anti-pinch and anti-jump design, ensuring smooth and secure operation. The concealed lock design adds an extra layer of security.

Premium Aesthetics: The door is equipped with stainless steel diamond mesh, providing both anti-theft and insect-proof features, while the sleek and ergonomic design of the built-in handle adds to the overall visual appeal.

Smart Options: For a modern touch, consider the high-end intelligent opening and closing system, featuring electric operation, automatic sensing, and other smart functions for a convenient and stylish experience.

Elevate your living space with Haoya Aluminum's New Wind 168 Heavy-Duty Sliding Door, a blend of durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. With 18 years of expertise, Haoya Aluminum continues to deliver high-end customized door and window solutions.

Haoya Aluminum Heavy Duty Sliding Door Features:

Minimalist design: panoramic fan design with boundless views

Rugged structure: vertical isothermal design for better insulation effect

Advanced Configuration: Intelligent switch sensing system, one-touch opening and closing

Haoya Aluminum Heavy Duty Sliding Door Attributes:

Opening and closing method: ground rail

Profile: 6063-T5 aluminium alloy

Wall thickness: 5.0mm

Specification: two-rail, three-rail

Standard glass: 5+20A+5

Standard hardware: TAG Heuer Custom

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